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The name's Ultimate Cheeseburger. Not to be confused with an ACTUAL cheeseburger. You can call me UC. What's that? You think my name is ridiculous and silly? Why don't you say that to my good friend, Mr. AK-47? Is my name still ridiculous and silly?
Yeah, thought so.
Wait, you didn't think it was ridiculous and silly? Oh. Heh heh. Sorry about that, man. Feel free to stick around for as long as you want. Just stay away from that chest over there, OK? Cool.
Rated NSFW for violence and strong language, among other occasional things.
Credit to ask-crosseyed-blaze-zitro for the icon.
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*”Unofficial” means you don’t have to follow them, these just seem to be the rules that I have learned along my journey so far. Don’t like them? Oh well.

1: Always reblog The Creator. Be happy that he made this wonderful place.

2: Never speak about it to non-tumblr people. Let them find it on their own.

3: Never sync tumblr to any other media (i.e facebook). Do I need to explain this one?

4: What happens at 4 am, is never talked about again. No joke, 2-4 am is like Vegas; mistakes are made, shirts some off, and things are said. Just leave it in the past and hope your parent(s) never find out about tumblr.

5: Never insult a person’s ship. EVER. It’d worse than insulting a person’s mother. I know this on clashes with #4 a little bit, but seriously its just not cool. 

6: Agent Coulson didn’t die. I don’t care what anyone says.

7: Don’t send hate mail, who are you to judge. I don’t need to explain this one.

8: We will accept you. No exceptions. Tumblr is the place where no matter what you love there is at least one other person that loves it too.

9: Please turn off your automatic music. No offense but I’m probably already listening to mine.

All hail number 6!

And everything else, too. :D


You know who you are.

How about no to the first 3? I do what I want hoe.

Number 8.

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